Will Logging Out of TikTok Delete Drafts?

TikTok has exploded in popularity as a platform for creating and sharing short form video content. When crafting TikTok videos, the app lets you save draft videos before publishing them live. A common question when logging out of TikTok is whether unpublished draft videos get deleted in the process.

In this comprehensive guide, we will analyze if logging out causes TikTok drafts to be deleted, how drafts are stored, and tips to prevent losing draft videos when logging in and out of your TikTok account.

Understanding TikTok Video Drafts

TikTok’s draft feature allows you to:

  • Record and edit video content for posting.
  • Save videos as drafts to publish later.
  • Revisit and modify drafts before posting publicly.

This enables crafting videos over multiple sessions rather than posting immediately.

Reasons Users Log Out of TikTok

Common reasons for logging out of TikTok include:

  • Closing the app between use sessions.
  • Switching between different TikTok accounts.
  • Letting someone else use your device temporarily.
  • Disabling notifications when occupied.
  • Increased privacy when lending your phone.
  • Troubleshooting account issues.
  • Preventing unauthorized access if compromised.

Understanding why people log out frequently helps avoid losing drafts.

Do Drafts Delete When Logging Out?

The good news is TikTok drafts are not deleted when you log out of your account. Your unpublished draft videos remain saved and awaiting editing upon logging back in.

However, any new unsaved drafts will be lost if you force close the TikTok app before it autosaves.

As long as you properly save drafts before logging out, they persist across sessions.

How TikTok Saves Draft Videos

TikTok stores draft videos both locally on your device and synced with their servers:

  • Locally cached drafts allow recovery if no internet.
  • Server copies enable cross-device draft access.
  • Videos remain in draft form until consciously posted.
  • Drafts are associated with your account.
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This dual storage system preserves drafts when logging in and out.

Recovering Deleted TikTok Drafts

If missing draft videos:

  • Try logging out and back in to refresh drafts from the server.
  • Reinstalling the app may restore unsynced local drafts.
  • Check if draft exists on another logged-in device.
  • Contact TikTok support if drafts don’t reappear.
  • Use a file recovery app to scan for video draft files.

Auto-Saving of Drafts in TikTok

To ensure drafts save:

  • TikTok autosaves about every 30 seconds.
  • Don’t close the app before drafts fully save.
  • The upload progress indicator shows draft saving status.

Allowing time to autosave prevents draft loss between sessions.

Accidental Publication of Draft Videos

To avoid unintentionally posting draft videos:

  • Use the X icon or back button to exit editing.
  • Discard a draft if you don’t want to save changes.
  • Confirm the checkmark button only saves, doesn’t publish.

Carefully follow the save prompts to keep drafts unpublished.

Backing Up Drafts Outside of TikTok

To keep draft videos protected:

  • Save drafts to your camera roll frequently.
  • Upload copies to cloud storage like Google Drive.
  • Use a third party TikTok draft backup service.
  • Screen record video drafts as backup copies.

External backups help recover lost TikTok draft videos if necessary.

Transferring TikTok Drafts Across Devices

On the TikTok app:

  • Tap your profile icon > Settings & privacy.
  • Choose “Transfer account”.
  • Follow prompts to move drafts between devices.

Enables accessing drafts across multiple phones or tablets using the same TikTok account.

Using Multiple TikTok Accounts

You can create multiple TikTok accounts within the app:

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Keeps drafts organized and avoids mixing between accounts.

Safe Logouts from Public Computers

When using TikTok on a public computer:

  • Log out of your account when finished.
  • Don’t save login credentials if offered.
  • Clear browsing history, cookies, and cached data.
  • Check that account fully signed out before leaving device.

These steps protect account security when using public machines.

Forgetting to Publish TikTok Drafts

To avoid forgetting about draft videos:

  • Set reminders on your calendar to periodically review drafts.
  • Use TikTok’s auto-remind feature to prompt publishing.
  • Note draft details in a notes app for easy reference.
  • Review your drafts folder when planning content.

Alternatives to TikTok’s Draft Feature

Third-party apps also enable TikTok video draft management:

  • Plotaverse – Create and schedule TikTok videos
  • Flick – Collaborate on draft videos
  • Vizmato – Watermark and preview TikTok drafts

These expand your draft creation and optimization capabilities.

Properly Exiting the TikTok App

To fully log out:

  • Use your profile menu to select “Log out”.
  • Closing the app without logging out leaves session active.

Logging out properly ensures account security when away from the app.

Logging Back Into Your TikTok Account

After logging out:

  • Simply login again via username, email or connected social media.
  • Previously saved draft videos reappear ready for editing.
  • Any new drafts will autosave as you create content.

You can pick up right where you left off with your draft videos after logging back in to TikTok.

Frequently Asked Questions About TikTok Drafts

Is there a limit to how many draft videos you can save?

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No, there is no limit on the number of video drafts you can save in TikTok. You can build up as large a backlog of drafts as you want.

How do I recover a deleted TikTok draft video?

First ensure it didn’t get accidentally posted. If not, log out and back in which sometimes restores drafts. Try reinstalling the app to pull down cached drafts. Use a file recovery app as a last resort.

Why did my TikTok draft disappear?

Drafts may temporarily seem to disappear if you force close the app before it finishes autosaving. Allow at least 30 seconds when making edits before switching apps or powering down.

Can I collaborate with others on a TikTok draft?

Yes, TikTok allows multiple contributors to work together on a draft video by inviting them through messages. Useful for getting feedback before posting.

How do I save a TikTok draft on multiple devices?

Link the devices to the same TikTok account. Autosaves will sync draft videos across mobile devices and allow accessing edits from any logged-in device.


The key points to remember are that logging out of TikTok does not affect saved draft videos, but force closing the app before drafts are autosaved risks loss. Back up drafts externally when possible for protection. Properly logging in and out is key to preserving drafts securely across sessions while keeping your TikTok account safe.


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